About TheGame


TheGame.Ng was birthed in 2017 by disruptive thinkers, in order to solve the following problems:

For individuals:

  • Increasing addiction to betting and lottery sites which deposits little or no value in users.
  • There is no online platform that has perfectly combined learning with making money.
  • Betting & lottery are a 'game of chance' not skill or performance based


  • A performance-based online quiz that rewards players for answering quizzes and doing specified tasks
  • Users have fun learning and doing tasks while competing against other players on the leaderboard

For Businesses:

  • Disruptive marketing approaches are largely uncharted and adopted because of too much bureaucracy
  • No platform that allows businesses engage online and offline audience simultaneously


  • Large businesses and SMEs can start embracing new disruptive ways of engaging and monetizing their audiences (online and offline concurrently)
  • Businesses can utilize thegame engine to reward players with money, souvenirs, tickets etc

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